Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sarasota Classic Car Museum - a must see!

OH MY GOSH! What a surprise I had when I visited the Classic Car Museum in Sarasota this afternoon. I have driven by it on the corner of 41 and University Parkway many, many times always thinking that someday I would stop in and check it out. I must confess, I am car ignorant. Ask me about a car and, beyond the color, I know nothing. But Sarasota's Classic Car Museum captured even my attention.

Opened in 1953, Sarasota's Classic Car Museum is the second oldest antique car museum in the U.S. Antique, exotic, European and one-of-a-kind classics are featured. I saw cars owned and used by John and Mable Ringling (Rolls Royce, of course), two cars owned by John Lennon (one was a station wagon if you can believe it!) and the car used by Kathryn Hepburn (chauffer driven but otherwise quite ordinary).

While I wasn't around at the turn of the century when the first cars rolled onto America's roads, I will admit to a trip down memory lane with the gorgeous cars from the 60's and 70's.

I was lucky enough to be one of the only guests during my visit so I got the personal tour by one of the museums knowledgeable docents, Phil. While the museum allows self-guided tours, I highly recommend taking advantage of one of the docents so that you don't miss any of the facinating historical tidbits about the cars.

Another interesting facet of the museum is its small entertainment room. Seating approximately 100 people, it hosts shows by many famous (impersonator) entertainers such as Elvis and the Beatles.  Sounds like a fun night out with friends.

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And just around the building corner from the museum is a car dealership that exclusively sells incredibly beautiful classic cars. It was a thrill just walking among many of these incredible automobiles.  I can remember as a little girl my Barbie always drove an imaginary Jaguar, much like the one below!


I encourage you and your family to visit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum when you next have an opportunity. Check it out on the web at You definitely won't regret it. Sarasota has a rich history and places like this are often overlooked but it is important for us to support them with our patronage so that they are here for many years to come.
Contributed by Jan Petters of Team Vitale

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