Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pet Friendly Sarasota/Bradenton

Recently I visited my daughter, son-in-law and new baby in their home in Atlanta, GA.  As I was driving, I chose to take "my baby", Sophie, with me rather than leave her with her "Pet Nanny" for a week.  Thankfully she was good as gold both on the drive and while visiting in their new home.

Sophie is definitely a member of the family, as most pets are to their families.  So when traveling, it is important to plan ahead for "pet friendly" restaurants, hotels and parks so that our four legged family members enjoy their vacation as much as we do.  Fortunately the Sarasota/Bradenton communities embrace this love of our pets.  We have some beautiful community dog parks as well as many public parks. 

When researching the information for this blog, I hit on a gold mine at site called This site offers helpful travel information for many locations around the world!

I have included some helpful direct links below for those coming to Sarasota/Bradenton. But check out when going elsewhere as well.  It is user friendly and loaded with helpful information.

Awesome travel site for Dog Lovers - Click here to visit the site:


Bayfront Dog Park - not off leash

17th Street Paw Park - off leash

Click Here for a list of "Pet Friendly Restaurants in Sarasota"

Click Here for a list of "Pet Friendly Hotels In Sarasota"


Happy Trails Dog Park - off leash

Click Here for a list of "Pet Friendly Restaurants in Bradenton"

Click Here for a list of "Pet Friendly Hotels in Bradenton"

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